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Periodically at Southport MovieMakers, we conduct audio interviews with our film-makers. Below, you will find links to some of the interviews recorded which you can download:

 Subject   Audio   Photograph
Interview with the cast of  Free Meal

One of the group productions within the Club in 2013 was a film entitled Free Meal.

A waiter and a waitress are waiting for customers to arrive in their restaurant. A couple arrive and they are seated at a table. From the time they enter the room, things deliberately happen to make them uncomfortable to such a degree that they finally leave before their main course is made available. When they hurriedly depart, the waiter and waitress enjoy the free meal, all to themselves, as it was planned.

8.45 Mb - mp3 format

Interview with Young Film-maker Andy Harrison

Andy Harrison is one of the young film-makers who has enjoyed recent notable success. In January 2013, he won the IAC Young MovieMakers Award at the North West IAC Film Festival for the film I Live on the Deaths of Millions.

In May 2013, Andy was the winner of Southport MovieMaker's Annual 
ELECTRON TROPHY. The ELECTRON TROPHY is awarded each year by Southport MovieMakers for the best movie produced from its members during the course of the year.

8.18 Mb -   mp3 format