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Where can you find ideas for film development?

Events in real life can inspire successful films. Also, biographies are high in the borrowings from libraries and it follows that audiences like films "based on a true story". 

One of the positive things about being a member of a national association (The Film and Video Institute) is that we get to share resources. For example, clubs can exchange films so that members in one club can see what another club is producing. On one level, this can provide a measure of benchmarking. On another level, it can be the catalyst that sparks the idea for a new film project. 

Laurence Turman in his book, So You Want to Be a Producer advocated that one of the ways of creating ideas for films was browsing newspapers and seeking inspiration. You can combine two or more different items to create a new story. Further ideas can come about from imagining a situation and incorporating some element of a news story – and brainstorming those ideas with others.

Another source of ideas is proverbs. One of our members produced a film entitled “Makes Jack a Dull Boy” – a silent film!

Film-making creativity can often work well in partnerships. Consider Steven Spielberg in partnership with Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen in setting-up DreamWorks; Joel David Coen and Ethan Jesse Coen, together known as the Coen brothers; Ismail Merchant and James Ivory (Merchant Ivory Productions)……and Laurel and Hardy. The list could go on.

Visit a library...... Turn the pages of a book and read. Use your imagination. Consult the Club Library.

Always be alert. You never know when film ideas may present themselves, such as spontaneous conversations from the real world; witnessing something and applying the film-makers creativity by putting a “spin” on it.

Developing Ideas in Film-making