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Young Film-makers

Recently, Southport’s members aged 16 to 21 have grown from seven or eight to twelve – roughly a third of the total membership.  Not surprisingly, the number of films in production has more than doubled:
  • Two young members, Andy and Lewis, in 2013, held the première of ‘By The Light Of The Sun’, a 91-minute feature film.  Its predecessor, ‘I Live on the Deaths of Millions’, recently won the Young MovieMakers Award at the North West IAC Film Festival.
  • One young member, Josh, a recent graduate of Edge Hill University, was our Chairman whilst studying for his film degree.

The majority of our members would agree that the influx of younger people has done a great deal to invigorate the activity of the Club, and to increase the number of films made, or in production. 

At a time when many clubs are shrinking, ours is managing to retain numbers, with an average weekly attendance of about twenty-five, half of whom are 21 or under.  

Key Points for Young Members

1. Before you can make a good film, you must make a few moderate films, learning as you go, and making sure that what you do next is better than what you have just completed. 

2. Waiting for ‘inspiration’ can take a long time, so it is sensible to start with a fairly good idea, and to improve it as time passes – mark the page.

3. Our message to the young members is that, as with the other arts, film has no rules.  Of course, there are many traditions and recommended procedures, such as that relating to ‘crossing the line’, but there is nothing that is ‘against the rules’.  

See Paul Bagshaw’s article Southport’s Young Moviemakers on our blog about the positive influence of young moviemakers.

Southport's Young Moviemakers' Projects - 2010/11


 Andy Harrison -Young Film Director at Southport MovieMakers

Electron Trophy Winner - 2013

Goldfish - Best Movie of 2013

Interview with Andy Harrison

What do the Young Film-makers say about Southport MovieMakers? 

“What I appreciate about being here is the fact that before I came here I'd never met as many people who I could trust, who helped out as much, .…the fact that everyone here is happy to hear my ideas. It's good to be able to get a real review of my films and to be questioned properly on how I made them.”

Shaun Givens

“What I value about the Club most is being able to make good films and try and make some decent friends.”

David Moyle

“What I value about this Club is the fact that you have all different people with different ideas and you can bring them all together and make an incredible short film. The amount of experience you get from making your own film, people giving you advice, guiding you along the way, makes you want to make more films. The people in the Club are so helpful and such nice people and it makes the Club such a better place to be. Being asked questions about your films broadens your horizons.”

Matty McBride