Club membership is diverse with members ranging in age from their nineties to teenagers with a corresponding range of experience.

This is definitely a great strength of Southport MovieMakers in that it mixes together the energy of youth with a foundation of many years of experience of film-making. Older and younger film-makers have much to offer each other.  

The great benefit for the young is that they are receptive to change, and that they can get away, for much of the time, with living in the present.  This invariably confers energy, freedom, immediacy and risk aversion upon their film projects.  In a mixed-age moviemakers club, that approach can be infectious.  

Members are encouraged to:

  • Share their Knowledge and Experience

Young Club Members (2013)
Back row (L-R): Nigel Moran, Andy Harrison, Lewis Simpson and Peter Blake
Front row (L-R): Mickey Stewart, Shaun Givens, David Moyle and Matty McBride

                                       Young Film-makers