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Meetings for 2018/19

6 Filming a Short - while the evenings are still light, we move outside to film. - Les Thomas directs.  At the tea break, a short EGM will be held.
13 Let us see some of your favourite Short Films, whether your own work, off TV, or found on the Internet. Maximum running time 15 minutes.
20 Our Club films stretch back to 1949 – a chance to watch with Ashby Ball some recently restored archive footage.
27 Producing another short film – this week indoors with green screen. Alan Beddows directs.

4 A visit to the Club by a local famous actor, who will discuss his experiences in Film and TV.
11 There is more to lighting a scene than simply
plugging in the lights. Ashby Ball shares his
knowledge and experience about what more is
18 We watch this evening a selection of films
produced by Haywards Heath Movie Makers -
West Sussex.
25 An evening to put together a music video – bring your camera and, if necessary, your ear plugs. Directed by Les Thomas.

1 Our Chairman, Geoff Williams, chooses his
favourite films and shares them with us.
8 How dark is dark? Following on from Ashby's
presentation last month on lighting, we take our cameras outside, along with some lights, to test how much light we need to light a dark setting.
15 A hands-on evening when individually, or in a small group, we create some simple animation film. Bring along some props or material that you can use.
22 An opportunity to invite along those folk who have helped us produce some of our recent film projects and a chance to express our thanks over a glass of wine and for them to view the results of their participation.
29 Each year we put in place an exchange visit with another Club – this week we go across to Bolton MovieMakers to present them with a programme of our films.

6 Christmas Capers - Christmas in all its guises
depicted on film.
13 It’s that evening again when we munch mince
pies and realise we know very few of the answers
in the Christmas Quiz.

3 New Year can be a tear-jerking experience and
trust Hollywood to milk this emotion for all its
worth. Let’s cry along with it!
10 Even with all of today’s sophisticated means of communication, we still get it wrong. John Bogie tells us how we might avoid such pitfalls and shares new skills.
12 [Saturday] The New Year Party being held at
Ashby’s home
A chance to watch the films of South Downs Film Makers, and for us, a particular interest in
whether or not they still produce “Drama”, which
seems to be a lost art here in the North West.
24 South Downs Film Makers has so many films for us to enjoy that we are extending our viewing to a second week.
31 Preparation evening for the Inter Club
Competition this Saturday. A chance also to
watch a film over a cup of tea or coffee – and
chocolate biscuits!

2 [Saturday] Inter Club Competition – beginning
at 2.00pm. We host this annual competition and
welcome the other five competing clubs to
7 Sound! The camera-mounted Mic is not always
the best choice for a particular shot. Ashby Ball
considers the types of Mic. and their positioning
for the clearest sound.
14 The role of the stand-in actor or extra in a
commercial film. Donald Standen discusses how
that has worked for him in his acting career.
21 Having visited Bolton MovieMakers at the end of November, this evening we welcome them here to show us some of their recent productions.
28 At our first meeting in September, we were given the first few lines of a story or a scenario and given the task of making a completed short film of how we envisaged the story might develop. Well, now five months on we will be showing the film of our completed work (or works).

7 What caught the judges’ eye and approval at the 2018 BIAFF competition? We assess whether any of our film entries might measure up.
14 Another hands-on evening with the aim to
produce a simple animation film.
21 Michael Alley demonstrates the making an
animation mannequin.
28 TBA

4 Michael Alley delves into his film library to bring us a film of his choice, perhaps not seen by too many of our membership.
11 If we make film then we have to edit it, and each person might edit the same film in a different way. This evening, we pool our experience in a hands on editing exercise.
18 Maundy Thursday – No Meeting
25 Looking forward to next month (16th May), this evening  we will share ideas and make plans for using that evening to produce a film.

2 Annual Dinner
9 Pauline Harrison admires the work of the late
John Rickard’s films enough to want to come and present a selection to us and talk, a little, about the man himself.
16 With the long light evenings, a chance to move outside and work together on producing a short film.
19 [Sunday] Burnley Film Festival
23 The annual Bolton Movie Challenge when we
travel to Bolton to see if our entry is worthy of an
30 At this “Premiere Films Evening” we view the
films we have produced over the past year and
offer a wider invited audience the chance to
enjoy them as well.

6 The Club’s Annual General Meeting and review
of the past year.