November 2016

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Halloween Week!  
Tonight, we will show the completed members' project horror/ghost-themed films, plus theme-related shorts etc., including Halloween/Bonfire Night goodies! 
We either love them or loathe them. Film-makers have little time for them, on both the big and the small screen. A trawl through the footage looking at how politicians are portrayed by the film industry. Presented by the Club Productions Officer, Les Thomas.  
IAC North West Festival at Chad’s Theatre, Cheadle Hulme (Saturday).
Visit by Another Club:
A visit from Warrington Club members. Let’s give our visitors from Warrington a warm welcome!
 24Modern-day Gadgets in Film-making:
Technology moves on a pace and with it, how we make films. We show examples of film work produced utilising selfie-sticks, mobile phones, drones etc.

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