March 2017

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‘Tools of the Trade’:
What does it take to make a film?  Come along and have a go at making a short film clip with Club members using lighting, cameras, sound equipment, green screen etc. 
Members' Request:
It’s over to you - what would you like to see, or better still, do, this evening?
Animation 1:
Shorts/clips on how various forms of animated films are created. After the tea break, we shall discuss ideas/props for next week’s project (making your own animations).
Animation 2 (Hands On)
This week it is your turn! You’ve seen what can done, with cell, clay, photos, and even people, so let’s make some animations.

Archive Evening:
Our Archives Officer, Ashby Ball, will show a selection of archived films. OK, we get it! - it's all about the Archives.
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