March 2016

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This evening, we will be viewing a docu-drama of a film entitled "Witchfinder General", set in the 17th century. This film was made by the Institute of Videography. The evening will be in two parts, first a viewing of the film itself, followed by a behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of the film. 
Tonight we go International as we view a selection of films from the 2015 British International Amateur Film Festival (BIAFF). BIAFF is an opportunity to learn from the very best that world amateur movie-making has to offer ...
                                                                                 Full programme of BIAFF 2015 films

“The Cinemas of Southport” – Not exactly on every corner, but there were enough cinemas in Southport to give Ashby Ball a nostalgic look back at the cinemas’ heyday in the Resort. 
 24 and 31
PROJECT WEEKS – The challenge to produce a one-minute TV Commercial so that it can be shown at the conclusion of the second week.

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