June 2016

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Club’s Annual General Meeting followed by the Review of the Year. 
Club member Michael Alley will be doing a practical demonstration of using green screen software.  We'll also be screening a short film about film history.
Club member Ben Lingham will be showing a series of short videos of movie-making tips, followed by some of his own work.
 NO CLUB MEETING - European Referendum 

Inspired by the Beach Boys' classic ‘Surfin’ USA’ , we will be setting-up for a new parody production entitled 'Surfin’ U3A’. This, in turn, reprises a fairly recent Club paraody of 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' by The Proclaimers:

The Long Walk - All for a Special Lady! - Les Thomas

                                                                                       Read more about the Club film in our Film Catalogue

Please note that this is our last meeting of 2015/16. We take a 
summer break during July and August and meet again in early September.

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