June 2015

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On Thursday 4th June we will be discussing an outline plan to produce a documentary examining the decline of Lord Street, Southport as a premier shopping venue. In recent years many shops have closed and there has been an increase in charity shops along its length.

We will use archival footage produced by the Club of Southport in its heyday, and ask who is to blame for its present demise? However, the plan is that the documentary will also consider the recent efforts being put in place to bring renewal to this once fashionable Street.

Come along with your thoughts about this situation and how we might present it in an interesting and engaging visual form.
This evening, we'll be writing and shooting a short 2-minute film on the theme of farming, or, at least, where farming or a farmer character will appear. Members are asked to bring suitable props such as a flat cap, wellies, perhaps a Land Rover, or maybe even a combine harvester. 

We'll also have the opportunity to view our latest "Write and Shoot in One Evening" film, a western which has now be edited and is ready to be screened.

All-in-all, lots of hands-on film-making activity.

This week we'll be looking at plans for a new film. This project is being managed by Club members Michael Alley and Arthur Emmett. Here's the story synopsis: 

A family is about to move to a new home. When the Shaw family arrive at their new house, their son (Jack) finds a sealed envelope addressed to the previous tenant Mr Peter Jones. Jack spots a stamp on the envelope, which he would like to have for his collection. Jack and his mum take the envelope to Mr and Mrs Jones and Jack's mum (Judith) asks Sheila (Mrs Jones) if Jack could have the stamp. Sheila opens the envelope immediately, although it is addressed to her husband Peter. Sheila gives Jack the discarded envelope with the stamp on it. After reading the contents of the letter, Sheila trashes her husband's wardrobe. When Peter arrives home he finds that his wife is not there and his wardrobe empty. Was the letter from the Tax Office or from someone with whom Peter has had an affair?
This week we'll be considering how the life and work of Nelson Mandella have been reflected via the medium of film.

Please note that this is our last meeting of 2014/15. We take a 
summer break during July and August and meet again 
in early September. 

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