February 2015

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Since the sinking of the SS TITANIC in April 1912, something over seventy films, documentaries and newsreels have been produced telling the story. In several of these films, the ship's fate is almost incidental as it gives way to a love story, a story of heroism or a means of Nazi propoganda.

This evening, Les Thomas will travel those hundred years on the Titanic, using excerpts from many of those films, from the first silent film, made just days after the sinking, to the James Cameron blockbuster of 1997. 

Did the Band really play Nearer my God to Thee?
Film Fact or Film Fiction?

What will become clear is that several of these films have created and perpetuated myths about the TITANIC, and in the course of the evening we will try to separate the reality from the fantasy.

Ron and Geoff 
Cinema 4d is a fully featured 3d modelling, animation, motion graphics and cartoon production software package which is widely used by BBC, ITV, Sky (who have 24 desks running it) and TV and Video Production Companies worldwide.  It is very powerful, especially when used with other software and whilst Michael will try to give an overview of its features and show some professional output; with more than 3,500 menu options he can be forgiven for not yet knowing it ‘inside-out’. Presented by Michael Alley.
This week we'll be looking at the logistical problems encountered by cameramen who were engaged in filming the events of World War II. Presented by Alex Montague.
Tonight’s meeting offers members an opportunity to discuss Club and individual projects, taking advantage of advice, guidance and constructive criticism.  Feel free to bring along completed projects, works-in-progress and draft ideas.  There will also be a demonstration of some movie-making gadgets. 
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