December 2014

 Date  TopicFront Desk/Tea Rota
Tonight we will be presenting the premiere of Andy Harrison's new film entitled "Pre Drinks". 

"Pre Drinks" is the prequel to "Dead Drunk", telling the alcohol-fuelled story of three young men; Sam, Chalky and Donovan, and how their plans for a competition for the world's biggest ever Christmas party result in a wild adventure like no other!
Smoke can add atmosphere and drama in a myriad of movie-making contexts.  Tonight, we show you how to employ the use of smoke effects creatively and safely.  We will also be screening completed Christmas project videos. 
Michael and Paul    
Members are  invited to bring along some food and drink and we can all enjoy the Christmas festivities and talk about film - and other things as well. Members are also invited to bring  a selection of short films and we can decide on the evening by a vote on which ones to watch.
Last meeting of 2014
Best wishes for Christmas & New Year 2015
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