September 2013

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Welcome, indeed, as we embark on what promises to be another productive and successful year for our thriving Club.  The evening will kick off with a twenty-minute trailer of many of the Club’s productions from recent years, as well as an overview of our forthcoming events and plans for 2013/2014. 
Ashby and Jim              Paul Bagshaw                      
COMPLETING THE STORY.  Each group will be given the beginning of a story, which they will then use to as a stimulus for the rest of their film.  Our first opportunity of this season to produce some collaborative productions. 
Les and
  Peter R  
COMPLETING THE STORY.  The second and final week for the planning of this project.  Screening opportunities for the completed films are approaching on 17th and 31st October. 
Andy and Lewis   
Not sure how to use the projector?  Set up the screen?  Find your way around the kitchen to prepare for the all important tea break?  Well, fear not!  This evening is all about the practicalities of running a successful evening at the Club with plenty of expert guidance.
Michael and Nigel M Keith Taylor   
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