February 2014

 Date  Topic Tea Rota Host
As part of the production of the Music Video Project, this week we will be shooting the green screen sequences for the music videos.

Nigel M and Mickey                                         
Six years of war! It had an effect on everyone and everything but how did it affect the world of British cinema? This evening is hosted by the ever-knowledgeable Tony Glynn. This guy knows his stuff, so get here early to ensure a seat!  Read more.
Michael and Alan Tony Glynn 
You do realise that ‘Jaws’ is a film about the Vietnam War, right? No?  Then pay attention, as Chairman Pete shares his passion for a film that has captivated him since the age of five.  With anecdotes about, and analysis of, the film’s famous scenes, we re-examine the movie that kick-started, but could so easily have ended, Spielberg’s career. Read more.
Peter B and Matty Peter Ravenscroft 
Back by popular demand, we dedicate an evening to filling our faces with sumptuous food and we might even put on some entertainment for you as well. 
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