Southport MovieMakers is an amateur film and video production club that has built up a strong reputation over the years and has won numerous awards. 

The Club is interested in creating a wide variety of  productions including documentary, drama, comedy and experimental films.

The Club keeps up-to-date with the latest technology and film-making methods, aided by having a diverse membership. 

What can Southport MovieMakers 
offer you?

The Rise, Fall - and Rise? of Lord Street, Southport

Last updated: 30 May 2017

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"Southport MovieMakers is a great club which I have been proud to be a member of for many years. It is friendly and welcoming and has many talented members who are always ready to share their experience with newcomers.  One of the best amateur film-making societies in the country,  with the awards to prove it. "

David Noone - Member

Joining Southport MovieMakers

You can visit three times FREE before you have to sign-up as a member. Try it out and see if you are interested:

Solitude - Michael Alley

NEW Film by Club member Michael Alley: Solitude

Whether you a beginner in this field or have years of accumulated expertise; whether you are interested in the art of movie-making; the technical side, scriptwriting, camera work, editing, lighting, sound, or whether you see yourself as the next Southport film legend…. Come and visit us.

Even if you have just started making films with your iPad, tablet or smart phone and would like to develop your skills…. Come and visit us.

How I Survived the Island - Ben Lingham

Film by Club member Ben Lingham: